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Asking the addition of a concept to an existing value set/refset
Last Updated 2 years ago

If the concept you want to add to a value set published by CSCT exists in the International or Belgian Edition, you can ask CSCT to add it to the next release of the dictionary in question using the CSCT Knowledge and Support Center content change request template.

You can use the SNOMED international browser to explore the terminology yourself and find out if a concept exists in a specific edition. The CSCT offers courses that can train you to use this tool if you wish. Requests for courses should be made via this form.

If you wish to have a concept added to a refset published by the Belgian NRC or by SNOMED international, you can submit a request to the Belgian NRC via the official Belgian Request Managment Portal. For refsets in the Belgian extension, depending on when you submit your request, and provided it is approved, the requested change may be included in the Belgian extension of the following March or September. For change to a resource of the International Edition, the publication can be made in the International Release of the month following the approval and processing of the request. The Belgian NRC will keep you informed of the progress of your application.

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