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SNOMED CT in a nutshell
Last Updated 3 years ago

Below you will find the presentation about SNOMED CT that was given on the 24th of April 2021 at the Abrumet/Besafeshare/CSCT congres presenting the Belgian Care Set policy for 2021.

In this 30 minute video we will explain to you all the basic things you need to know about SNOMED CT, mainly:

  • What is the SNOMED CT terminology
  • Who publishes it
  • Why you would like to implement it in your EHR
  • How you can obtain it
  • The basics of how SNOMED CT is technically structured
  • A very short introduction on the various place where you might implement SNOMED C in an EHR
  • The general pitfalls one should be wary of in SNOMED CT implementation

Please note the presentation is in French.

More presentations about SNOMED CT, in English, can be found on the official SNOMED international e-learning platform

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