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Asking for the translation of a concept into Belgian French/Dutch
Last Updated 2 years ago

If the concept you want to use in the clinical interface exists in the International Edition but is not yet translated into French and/or Dutch in the Belgian extension, you can submit a translation request to the Belgian NRC via the official Belgian Request Management Portal. Depending on when you submit your request, the requested official translation could be found in the Belgian extension of the following March or September.

If the concept you want to use in the clinical interface already exists in English in a dictionary published by the CSCT for Be-SafeShare and you have an urgent translation need that cannot be accommodated by the deadlines linked to the official Belgian releases, you can ask the CSCT for help to obtain a temporary emergency translation. This applies to translations that are urgently needed to support an essential clinical activity. This is the exception, not the rule.

In this case, you can request the addition of translations on an emergency basis at the CSCT level, using the CSCT Knowledge and Support Center content change request template and justifying the clinical use-case and the reason for the emergency.

Valid preferred terms and acceptable synonyms added by CSCT to one of the flat files it publishes will be proposed in batch at regular intervals to the Belgian NRC for inclusion in the official Belgian extension. The timing of the release of intermediate versions of the CSCT files will be subject to the number of requests received, their impact on clinical data capture and the priorities set by the CSCT Bureau and General Assembly.

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