The CSCT community, being made up of volunteers, can not support currently any paid permanent position.

However we may sometimes open calls for paid experts positions within defined time-limited projects. When such jobs are available, the details will be posted on this page.

We will also relay here our calls for volunteers to sit in internal or external workgroups, including the international positions as well as the job offers for positions within our scope of interest in our Member institutions.

Call for volunteers for SNOMED International Allergy CRG - URGENT

SNOMED internalional Allergy Clinical Related Group is looking for Allergologists, clinicians and terminologists interested in allergology who would be willing to add their expertise to the group o aid in the further revision of the Allergy concepts and publication of allergy related SNOMED CT implementation guidelines, and especially interested to dive into the problem of the representation of plant and animal derived allergenic proteins in the International Edition of SNOMED CT. If you are interested you can either contact SNOMED international thought the Allergy CRG confluence page or the Freshdesk or simply get in touch with the CSCT. We will happily provide you with more information about this very nice and active CRG we've been participation to since August 2017 and take you along for the next meeting if you wish.

The CRG is also actively looking for a new Chairman upon retirment of Dr Bruce Goldberg. Candidates are welcome to contact Ian Green or Jane Millar at SNOMED international either directly or through Snomed International Freshdesk.

More information about the Allergy CRG can be found here.

Call for volunteers for Infoway Sex and Gender Workgroup - URGENT

Infoway, the Canadian NRC, is currently involved in a huge job of revising the representation of sex and gender in SNOMED CT as well as in HL7 FHIR to bring it more in line with the current expectations and needs of our populations in terms of gender diversity and reduce the risk of gender discrimination in healthcare. Their intiative arises primarily from a national need but it is a need we all share at international level so they welcome any constructive international collaboration and input.

The CSCT is urgently actively looking for people from any background with a good knowledge of the issues faced by non binary gender persons and who would be willing to help shape new respectful ways to represent all the variety of the modern gender feelings in our EHRs. Representatives of the LGBTQIA+ Belgian community would be extremely welcome to give their feedback on the need of extra Belgian specific conceptsnot covered by those proposed by Infoway.