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Where can I get the AllergyIntolerance care set value sets?
Last Updated a year ago

The AllergyIntolerance care set small value sets like type, clinical status, verification status and the basic list of manifestations are currenly published within the Allergy business rules v1.1 guide published by the Be-SafeShare team.

The current causative agent (allergyIntolerance.code) value set has been prepared by the CSCT and is available as a flat file dictionnary with the available official International US English FSN and synonyms plus the Belgian French and Dutch preferred and acceptable translations and the FHIR categories, in two files, one concerning the drugs and the other non-drug causative agents.

Those documents are all attached to this page for your convenience.

If you have questions regarding those documents, we advise you first to look through our FAQS as we will try to answer the most obvious and current questions in the CSCT Knowledge and Support Center.

Alternativeley you can send us your questions by submitting a ticket here or you can also contact directly the Be-SafeShare team at

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